Subnautica Rave

First things first, this post isn’t a review about the new game Subnautica. Why? Well, we didn’t so much want to review it as rave about it. Hence the title.┬áIf you want to read a review of this game, there are plenty already out there. In order to understand why we want to rave about Subnautica, one has to first understand our current dilemma. Let’s look at our Steam library…

Games, games and more games

Right now, we’ve got Arma 3, Cities: Skylines, Elite Dangerous, Planet Coaster, Project CARS and all the XCOM games. More importantly, we’ve currently got save games running for XCOM 2, Elite Dangerous and Cities: Skylines. Mostly, we are playing XCOM 2 with the Long War 2 mod.

Cities: Skylines is no doubt a great game. Quite educational too. But it’s a game I tend to put up and run with for a week, then need a rest. Right now, I’m resting. XCOM 2 is just brilliant and that’s the game I’m currently playing. Elite Dangerous is a fantastic experience, but it’s also a game still very much in development in the sense that the development studio isn’t ever going to stop adding content and new features. All good right?

So, what’s the problem?

Problem is, I’ve hammered XCOM 2 till the cows came home and Elite Dangerous just isn’t the game I want it to be currently. So I’m trying to find a new game to play that’s a good a quality as XCOM 2 with amazing game play like Elite Dangerous. More importantly, I really want a game that makes me believe I am really there in the moment. The issue I have with Elite Dangerous is, it’s supposed to be simulating a star pilot life but what it actually simulates is a star ship life. That is, you are the ship and that’s all you can be. This is a flaw that has all but stopped me playing Elite Dangerous. I just don’t feel like I’m there.

Enter Subnautica

For me, this is where Subnautica shines! It’s supposed to simulate your survival having crashed a spaceship onto an alien, unknown ocean world. It’s really that simple. Sure, when you develop the technology in game to make vehicles, you will be inside those vehicles and hence feel like the vehicle and not a person. Subnautica balances this perfectly. A great example of this in action is when you run out of power in your submersible. You have to jump out, make your way around the back, pull the old power cell out of its slot and plug a new one in. Then if you like, you can plug the old power cell into a power cell charger (say, in your underwater base) and after a short period, that too will be good as new.

See what I’m driving at? It’s so immersive. It feels like you are a person, that goes in and out of vehicles and physically moves things around. It’s simulating the life of a survivor and it’s very good at doing it. Contrast this with Elite Dangerous, which is supposed to do something similar but ends up simulating the ship, not you. That’s far less immersive.

STOP PRESS: Subnautica generates a wealth of entertainment value by being a voyage of discovery through nature, technology and environments. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. I’m therefore not going to tell you anything about the plot or indeed discuss various things you can do in game.

So what can you tell us then?

Well, I can tell you there’s a lot of water. I can tell you that to win, you just have to survive and (presumably – I’ve not done it yet) get rescued off the planet (I’m not really sure I want to leave actually!). I find the game extremely atmospheric. My current dive record is down to 527 meters. The atmosphere down at that kind of depth is electric. I find myself playing the game late at night and when I’m in those spooky depths, it’s almost too scary to play! I’ve never been into horror films and this game certainly doesn’t fall into the horror genre. Terror is perhaps a better word. This game is quietly terrifying and I love it!

So if you’re looking for a new game to play and you’re looking for a new experience or a new type of game, why not try Subnautica? If this were a review, we’d give it a cool 10 out of 10 AmproTech points or some such score. But it’s not. Seriously, we love this new game!

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